Outpst is a consultancy obsessed with designing organizations that thrive in times of change. 

Buried deep in Roman mythology is a deity named Janus, depicted as having two faces; one gazing to the past, and the other looking towards the future. Janus, the god of transitions, is a poignant symbol of the times: organizations full of outdated, past-oriented policy and attitudes, whilst also being surrounded by screaming signals about a vastly different, not-too-distant future.

It’s impossible to predict the future. But it is possible to design organizations that are well-positioned to anticipate possible scenarios based on logical, data-driven insights, and best prepare ourselves for rapidly changing conditions.

Our emphasis is on change - how to position your organization in the face of uncertainty, to craft poignant messages that endure, and bring out the best in your people to build a strong, future-facing organizational culture.