Strategic foresight

Using a combination of methods, strategic foresight is a means of organizing our thoughts about the future and working towards a preferred future. We consider the driving forces behind social, technological, economic, ecological, and political shifts in society. Strategic foresight reveals gaps in traditional strategic planning by uncovering critical uncertainties-- blindspots we that leave organizations vulnerable to competition and changes in the market.

Outpst conducts horizon scanning across a range of sectors and disciplines. After an extensive research process, scenarios, and market analysis, we deliver recommendations to inform strategic decisions.

operations strategy

In order for the changes we make to take hold, conditions within the organization must be right. Looking inward and continuously making the necessary adjustments is a critical part of sustaining change. Outpst offers operations strategy to not only plan and execute these changes, but to help build the internal capacity to self-correct long after the engagement with Outpst is over.

Using a combination of change management, neuroleadership theory, and human factors principles, Outpst offers recommendations for designing organizations that endure during times of uncertainty.

Training & Community

Critical to building a future-facing business is an anticipatory organizational culture. This is a culture in which individuals routinely challenge commonly-held assumptions, have a strong foresight literacy, and are empowered to collect, consider, and act upon cues about the future.  

Outpst offers guidance on fostering an anticipatory organizational culture. In addition to operations strategy, this includes training for organizations to learn foresight fundamentals, including scanning for future trends and signals. Training can be based on a project or initiative, or modules that are delivered over time with specific learning outcomes.